GS UFH Manifolds are manufactured from stainless steel to the highest standards.

All manifolds come with brackets, vibration isolation mounts, and an automatic air vent. Flow rate indicators include the means to adjust flow rate and isolate circuit. Can be assembled to suit left or right hand supply depending upon project type.


Thermomix® UFH Control Pack with ‘A’ rated pump

A unique, patented, modular control pack for underfloor heating systems. Designed to be lightweight and compact in order to connect directly onto a standard UFH manifold without the need for extra brackets or support. The control pack consists of a mixing valve, circulating pump, connection elbow, manifold adaptors and all necessary seals. The control pack elbow includes a 1/2″ tapping for the connection of an overheat thermostat or pressure and/or temperature gauges.

Electrothermic Actuator Head

GS Underfloor Heating Ltd new generation electrothermic manifold actuator head is built around a sensitive wax/copper element to provide ultra responsive actuation. The unit includes a pop up indicator to show the valve in the open position, for ease of installation and maintenance.

The loose ring threaded mounting can be used one handed, and the oval body shape allows finger space between each head.

Electric Manifolds

SDU-Z-P-CU 4 Loop Kit

Includes: SDU-Z-P-CU Manifold, Pro-pipe 16/2 mm, Length per loop 90m, Clamping rings of 3/4″ for 20/2 connection pipe, 90° Black angle x 2 per loop, Hooks, Connection pipe 20/2 – 30m, CU 517-M-R as a room thermostat.

ADU 3-4 – 4X90/16 Loop KIT

The Kit includes:
4 x 16/2mm Pro-Pipe loops
Length per loop 90m
Each loop covers approx. 12m2
CU 518-MW to control the water temp. in the manifold:
– 90° Black Angle X 2 per loop
– Hooks: 180 units per loop.