How your system works

These warm water heating systems work by pumping water around plastic tubes embedded in the flooring. To heat the water, there are a number of options, such as an air source heat pump, solar power and more. Using underfloor heating, the warmth is spread evenly across the room’s surface without the use of radiators.

GS Underfloor Heating , we only supply warm water underfloor heating systems that use high quality components from brands like Heat miser and Grandfos – and if requested, we can provide full installation details and diagrams. We use an experienced, fully trained water underfloor heating team so we can include an installation price with the supply costing.


Standard room Heating in screed system

A Standard room would be classed as a living room, kitchen or bathroom within a normally insulated property.

The pipe spacing for most standard rooms is 250mm to pipe centres, this will give you a heat output of around 115w pm2



A conservatory is classed as a high heat loss area and requires more heating pipe per meter than standard rooms.

The pipe spacing for conservatories and areas of high heat loss is 200mm to pipe centres, this will give you a heat output of around 140w pm2

Water Underfloor heating works simply by pumping a controlled flow of warm water from a heat source such as a boiler (or other renewable heating such as an air source or ground source heat pump) ‘through a special heating pipe within the floor. We use a PE-RT Barrier Pex-Al-Pex pipe which is the best available on the market at present. Because the surface is very large, no radiators are required and very low waters temperatures will provide warmth even on very cold days.

GS Underfloor Heating will supply and install a complete package of water underfloor heating materials and optional CAD designed layout drawings. Each water underfloor heating kit is supplied with full instructions and electrical layout drawings.