Power flushing is the fastest and most effective means of cleansing sludge and corrosion debris from central heating systems, utilising a high flow of water to loosen and ultimately expel the debris, usually containing large quantities of black iron oxide, from the system.

Clear water is forced through a system, pushing debris ahead of it, and this continues until the dump water finally runs clear. This may take a considerable time. The CombiMag power flush filter has been developed to remove circulating black iron oxide contamination from the flushing water quickly and simply, using the power of a rare earth magnet to attract magnetic iron oxides away from the water flow.

The CombiMag filter is simply installed in line with any power flushing pump. The cyclone construction directs contaminated water through a high power magnetic field, such that even the smallest of particles are retained on the central magnet, from which they may be easily cleaned during and after power flushing.

Collected debris, which may otherwise lead to blockages in small bore pipe work, is prevented from re-entering the heating system.

The rapid removal of debris from the flushing water prevents saturation of the chemical cleaning solution with black sludge, leading to a more effective power flush.

The time savings on every job when using the CombiMag power flush filter will rapidly cover its cost, whilst the reduction in job time also ensures less disruption for householders.

The increased efficiency of power flushing when using a CombiMag filter has further benefits to householders, in the form of reduced heating costs and a more efficient heating system.

The debris retained on the magnet is an impressive visual aid, and clearly demonstrates to householders what has been removed from the system, confirming the need for the power flush, and demonstrating that the clean has been professionally carried out.