Wooden Floors

Wood is a natural material which contracts or expands depending on the temperature. This puts demands on a floor heating system to distribute the heat in a gentle and controlled way.

Precise heat control

The GS-UFH thermostats with floor sensors is the perfect choice for wooden floors. It ensures that the temperature in the floor construction always is in accordance with the tolerance level recommended by the manufacturer of the wooden floors. 

Under all types of wooden floors

GS-UFH floor heating systems can be used anywhere in the house no matter if the floor is constructed with floor boards on joists, wood-laminates or massive parquet on concrete.
Out of consideration for the wood the installed output must not exceed 120 W/m2 and not 80 W/m2 if the cables are laid in the air void between joists. In some countries regulations prescribe an even lower output. If building heat loss is higher than the maximum, re-insulation should be considered or additional heating sources are required in order to ensure a comfortable temperature in the room.
Under all circumstances it is important that the floor is well insulated below to ensure the best heating comfort and most economical result.
A combination thermostat is equipped with both a built-in room sensor which registers the temperature of the room and a floor sensor, which, when placed under the floor, registers and limits the floor temperature to the maximum of a chosen setting. The maximum floor temperature is provided by the manufacturer of your floor.