The Wet Room System

UFHEB 160 Watts/m²

Technical data
Output cable 10 W/m
Voltage Image 240 V~
Voltage Image 110 V~
Outer insulation Earth Screen
Thickness of mat/wire ~ 3.3 mm
Protection class I + 30mA RCD
Connections Two
Net colour White Mat
Cable color Silver
Space between heating wires 6.00 cm
Supply lead length 4.00m
Width 300mm
Sizes available 0.9-3.6m²

Although all of our underfloor heating products are suitable for use in wet rooms, we have developed a system, which is specifically designed for wet rooms – UFHEB. 

These systems are easy to install, extremely robust, available in 300mm widths meaning a better floor coverage around bathroom furniture, ultra thin, adding only 5mm to the depth of the floor and are rated at a powerful 160 Watts/m². 
UFHEB has been designed with a completely unique external earth braid and grid system to comply with all European and International guidelines and directives for wet rooms.
This is the safest underfloor heating system available.


Tested in accordance with National and International Standards for safety
(IEC, VDE, SEMKO, UL, etc.).
Fulfills the INCIRP guidelines and regulations in regards to the EMF (Electromagnetic Fields).
Complies with wiring rules regarding EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility).
Should be installed in accordance with National and Local Electrical Codes.
Always read the installation Instructions.