Ceramic tiles, natural stone or terrazzo floors

Ceramic tiles and floors of marble, granite and terrazzo are smart, easy to maintain and almost indestructible. There are therefore many advantages to choosing a stone floor.
However, unheated stone floors are a cold comfort to bare feet. Regardless of whether it’s summer or winter.  
On the other hand, cool stone floors can be teamed brilliantly with electric underfloor heating from GS-UFH. Our heating cables or mats placed directly under the stone floor help ensure warm feet and a comfortable warmth in the room.

Suitable for GS underfloor heating

Stone floors lose heat quickly. However, such floors also heat up quickly when heating cables or mats are placed directly under the floor. For this reason, a stone floor is the ideal partner for GS-UFH advanced thermostats that control the heat precisely and effectively. This ensures excellent comfort and economy.
The comfort temperature of the floor depends on the floor covering. For tiles, stone, and terrazzo, it is 26–29ºC.