Solar Energy

Using GS Underfloor Heating Systems and solar thermal collectors, we can make use of environmentally friendly solar energy and use this to heat the water. This renewable energy source is suitable for either retro-fit or new-build projects and produces no harmful emissions, meaning that it will not harm the environment in any way.

How do solar collectors work?

Throughout the day, even if it is overcast, the radiation from the sun warms our plant and we can harness this energy, using it to heat our water. This solar power is unlimited, does not produce harmful emissions and does not need supply pipes or transport. The majority of households are able to generate 100% of their domestic hot water through the use of underfloor heating powered by a solar energy system in the summer. This figure is lower in the winter months but overall, this means a property can gain on average 60% of its energy needs through a well-engineered solar power system. At GS Underfloor Heating , each one of our quotations will give an estimated proportion of hot water supplied by the solar collector based on the household’s individual needs.

Our integrated solution – a complete package for your needs

When GS Underfloor Heating  provides an underfloor heating package, we provide all the components required to complete the installation*. Our solar collectors can be fitted on their own or integrated with heat pumps and underfloor heating systems. Each component supplied is of a high standard of manufacture and design, and has been tested thoroughly.

* Excludes electrical wiring and sundries.

Solar collectors

The flat plate collectors we use are manufactured by the leading provider in Germany, using the latest in modern technology such as titanium oxide absorber coating and prismatic glass, to gain the best performance from the system. Situated between the insulation and glazing, the absorber coating will collect the radiation passing through the prismatic glass. The heat is passed to the fluid mix flowing through the panel’s copper pipes.  This liquid is pumped through the piping and is then passed through the thermal store or hot water cylinder where the heat is given out.

Operating the system

Every system comes complete with an integrated solar pump, which has easy-to-use control. By measuring the roof panels’ temperature, the pump makes sure any free energy is harvested whenever possible. In order to stop any heat from being lost into the atmosphere, it is important that each element of the system has full thermostatic control, which also prevents the cylinder from over-heating as a safety feature.

Solar hot water: the best hot water cylinders

There are a number of solar hot water cylinders that can be used with the Underfloor Heating store’s solar collectors.

Our team can advise you on the most suitable hot water cylinder for your heating and domestic hot water needs.

Where should solar hot water cylinders be located?

If your roof faces somewhere between South East and South West and is either a flat roof or its angle ranges to a 60˚ slope then it will be suitable for a solar collection. The ideal angle is anything from 30° to 45°. If the position is not the optimum then additional collector panels can be added to meet the required capacity. The only position that should be avoided is a north facing roof.