Nest Thermostat


No more adjusting the programmer—now you can manage the heat from your thermostat. Once it’s on your wall, all you need to do is teach Nest well. Turn it down to save energy, turn it up to get warm—the Nest Thermostat learns from every adjustment you make.

By automatically replacing programmer off-times with very low temperatures, Nest becomes a thermostat, programmer and frostat in one. You can save energy in normal weather, protect your pipes in a sudden frost and manage your heating schedule from one place.


You can control and get information on all your Nest products with the Nest app or on the Web if you have a computer or supported smartphone or tablet and an Internet connection.

Creating a Nest Account is super easy. Your Nest Account allows you to securely access and control your Nest products from the Nest app or from the Web. All you need is a valid email address. You’ll be able to create your Nest Account from the login screen.

You can manage up to 10 Nest thermostats, 10 Nest Protects, and 2 homes with a single Nest Account.


Heat Link is a device that comes with your Nest Learning Thermostat for the UK. It connects directly to your heating system in order to turn the heat on and off, and is controlled by the Nest Thermostat.

Heat Link is installed near your heating system by a Nest Certified installer. It can be wired to a junction box or directly to the heating system, depending on how your system works.

The Nest Thermostat senses your room temperature and compares it with the temperature you want – your target temperature. When the room temperature falls below the target temperature, the Thermostat sends a signal to Heat Link to tell your heating system to turn the heat on again.