Kitchen & Bathrooms


Do you dream of a nice and inviting kitchen? Most families spend a lot of their time in the kitchen and therefore flooring is very important for the family’s well-being. 

Underfloor heating is very well suited for kitchen floors, because it supplies a nice warmth discreetly hidden under the floor. 
It leaves the room to be designed as you wish without having to consider the placement of radiators and visible pipes.

Your kitchen is the centre of the home

The Kitchen floor has to stand for a little of everything. The kitchen is where the food is cooked, it is here you gather with your family and friends, and your children play on the floor. Ceramic tile is often the primary choice for a kitchen floor. 
The only disadvantage is that the floor feels cold. But with GS UFH heating cables or -mats you can turn the cold feeling into a nice and pleasant feeling.

Design your kitchen as you please

With the modern heating system hidden away in the floor you are spared both radiators and visible pipes. 
This gives you exciting possibilities to design a completely new kitchen and frees up extra space. You don’t have to choose between kitchen cabinets or radiators but can focus on designing the kitchen of your dreams.


Do you dream about an exclusive bathroom with room for both comfort and style? With GS-UFH intelligent heating system you can get you dream fulfilled without putting your finances under pressure.
With an electric floor heating system you get rid of radiators and visible pipes and therefore you can furnish your bathroom as you like.
This gives you exciting possibilities to design a completely new bathroom and frees up extra space, especially in smaller bathrooms.
A flexible floor heating system completes the sense of comfort and many are therefore choosing GS-UFH electrical floor heating.

Floor heating provides comfort in the bathroom

Spa baths, aromatherapy and relaxation are very fashionable at the moment. More and more people have acquired a taste for comfort and are transforming their bathroom into a modern oasis of wellness.
Elegant lighting, exclusive fittings and designer tiles alone do not create the atmosphere of comfort. Enjoyment starts with a warm and cosy indoor climate and ice-cold floors must be avoided at all costs.
In many cases this means that the radiator is pensioned off to make way for GS-UFH modern floor heating system which distributes the heating evenly and comfortably throughout the room.
At the same time, the system’s quick reaction time means that the room will always have an ideal temperature.