Wall-to-wall carpets are warm in themselves. But a carpeted floor can still be heated to advantage using GS underfloor heating. 

The heating cables or mats must, however, be covered with a layer of tile mortar or self-levelling floor screed with a minimum thickness of 6 mm. This provides good, even distribution of heat over the floor’s surface. 

Carpets have an insulating effect

Carpets have a slight insulating effect on underfloor heating. This means that an underfloor heating system installed beneath a thick woollen carpet may take slightly longer to react to changes in the room’s temperature.


Product Choice

GS-UFH recommends that carpets only have a maximum insulation value of 1.5 TOG (R-value 0.15 m²K/W)*. 
Contact your carpet supplier for information on the best carpet to use with underfloor heating.