Air source heat pumps

Sometimes the use of ground source heat pumps it is not possible because  to drill in a ground probe or install a surface ground loop on the property will simply cause too much disruption, an air source heat pump may well be the answer. The only space needed is an outside wall making them ideal for apartments and homes with limited outside areas. With no need for groundworks, installation costs and disruption and mess are kept to a minimum.

Air source heat pumps work by converting the inherent energy of the outside air into heat, creating a perfect temperature inside the house as well as supplying energy for the hot water system. As with most heat pumps, air source heat pumps are at their most efficient when supplying low temperature systems such as underfloor heating.

The efficiency of an air source heat pump is measured in Coefficient of Performance (CoP). A CoP of 4 means that for every kilowatt of electricity put in, you get 4 kilowatts of energy in the form of warm water. The flow temperature of the warm water is typically between 35 degrees Centigrade and 45 degrees Centigrade; much lower than achieved by a domestic boiler. The units are perfectly capable of generating higher temperatures but the CoP suffers meaning the economic and ecological benefits may be affected. Keeping the temperature at the lower end of the scale keeps the system operating at maximum efficiency.

An air source heat pump will cover the heating requirements of a well-insulated property in most cases.

If they are used in combination with an immersion heater both heating and hot water needs should be comfortably met, the immersion heater boosting water temperatures when necessary. An outside air source heat pump working efficiently can reduce energy use  for heating by up to 50% when compared to conventional heating systems.

GS underfloor heating can design and supply your heat pump requirement. We can supply our water underfloor heating systems to work with any heat pump supplier and we can also install the system for your as well as floor screeds.