“We believe we have covered it all”

GS Underfloor heating have covered all your needs on controlling your heating & hot water systems. Over the years we have listened to what our clients needs in the form of style and presentation.

Our range cover everything from low voltage 12v to 240volt – volt free switching along with networking the entire property via central touch pad that also allows you to individually name and see each room. 

We have now introduce a Wi-Fi multi-link home and on the move system, allowing you to control your indoor environment from anywhere in the world via a mobile device.


Heatmiser neoAir

Neo continues to offer a superior way to control your multi zone heating and hot water system from anywhere. Recent additions including Geo Location, Recipes and Apple Watch support has enabled Neo to remain streets ahead of the competition.

Heatmiser neoAir brings a totally wire free option to the Neo family, perfect for new builds and the retrofit market. neoAir can be paired to the neoHub and can be used alongside the neoStat & neoHub – so really does offer you a flexible and feature rich smart control solution.


Heatmiser neoUltra

We are pleased to announce that the neoUltra will be joining the Neo family.

neoUltra isn’t only a thermostat but a central control for the Neo System, making it ultra convenient to change the settings on all your neoStat, neoAir and neoPlug devices.

Up to 32 devices can be controlled from a single neoUltra and you can have 10 neoUltra on one system.


Neo Thermostat

Now Apple Watch Compatible

The neo system delivers Control from Anywhere functionality directly on your smartphone or tablet. It's the most convenient method of controlling your home heating and hot water; wherever and whenever you want.

neoApp is designed to work perfectly with neoHub and neoStats. Together they present an advanced heating control solution that is perfect for modern lifestyles.

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SmartStat – WiFi Connected Thermostat

SmartStat is our all new WiFi Connected Thermostat with Full Colour LCD.

SmartStat doesn’t require a hub and as SmartStat connects via our Cloud Server, setup is a dream and will take minutes. SmartStat is the perfect choice for those with a combi boiler and an existing wired thermostat.

Up to 32 zones can be controlled from the SmartStat App and what’s more the Geo Location feature ensures you never heat an empty home.

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Nest Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat gives you precise control of the temperature, creates a personalised schedule for your home and eliminates the need for a programmer.

The Nest Thermostat replaces your programmer so you can control heating from one place. Instead of turning off the boiler for long periods, you’ll add very low temperatures to your schedule. That will save energy while keeping your family—and your pipes—safe in extreme weather.

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Multizone TouchpadMultizone Touchpad

Designed to work with 12v Network Thermostats, the Touchpad provides central control of your home heating system.


Up to 32 rooms can be controlled from the full colour TFT Display meaning that walking around each room to turn up or down the heating is a thing of the past.


Touchscreen Thermostats

The Touchscreen Thermostats are also flush mounting offering an installed depth of 17mm. The benefit of this series is the ease of use, touchscreen technology is now used throughout everyday life and it's easy to see why.

Like the Slimline Thermostat series, the Touchscreen thermostats come in a variety of models to cater for all applications.


Slimline Thermostats and Wireless Thermostats

The Slimline Thermostats are flush mounting and, as the name suggests, they offer a slimline appearance as the depth after installation is only 13mm.

With many models in this series, it remains the perfect choice for those wanting a modern design with a large easy to read display and infrared remote control facility.

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Wall Sensors

For those clients that do not want a thermostat to be shown on the walls, we have covered this as well. Our discreet wall sensors will replace each thermostat on each wall which is hard wired back to each thermostat within an enclosed cupboard or storage place centrally, leaving you with more free wall space.

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Heatmiser Wiring Centres

Our central wiring switch boxes have been designed to simplify the wiring process. Using our wiring centres in your application means that the actuator, boiler and pump connections are wired from a single point.

Download our Heatmiser Wiring Centre Guides: UH4 | UH8 | UH8-N | UH8-RF

Wiring Centres

Our wiring centres are designed to work in conjunction with our thermostats. There are four options available.

Download our Wiring Centre Guides: UH1 | UH2 | UH3 | UH1W

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